As a sickly only child, books were my best friends, mostly because it is the most enjoyable solitary pastime that I could think. As I progressed into my socially awkward and stressful teenage years, my love affair with books deepened even further. They fed my imagination, whisked me away to experience life in a whole spectrum of eras and places and allowed me to delve into the moods and motivations of a thousand different characters.

Unfortunately, I only discovered my passion for fashion when I left behind my school uniforms forever and went to the UK for my university studies. It is there that I realised that style could be simultaneously accessible to the man on the street by being viewed as an outlet for personal freedom and expression, whilst being elevated to an art form in the intricate design and craftsmanship that goes into creating it.

This blog is a small tribute to the 2 greatest hobbies in my life. In taking inspiration from the themes, motifs and characters in books to put together outfit layouts, I hope to bring the beauty of the written word to fashion.


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